The Audioist


“the future is unwritten” Joe Strummer”


Music is so much more than the soundtrack to your workout.

The digital wave. Making music portable has stolen more than revenue from labels & musicians-it has robbed us of human contact.
Vinyl was so much more than a format it offered
Late night in your room with your headphones on, reading the liner notes and holding the artwork in your hand, while trying to memorize lyrics.

by inviting friends over to listen to records, it was a social occasion, something so much more “social” than staring at your smartphone.

The vinyl experience really added to the value of music, not just to your workout, but a true exploration of art, photography, the exchange of opinions and inspiration or just sitting back and enjoying yourselves.
Recapture, or for many, try it for the first time, Invite some friends over and chat, uncork some wine and just listen to that warm sound and that snap crackle and POP!

Vinyl -Get in there!!